Review Policy

In General:

  • I read a wide range of genres! To see specifically what I read and some examples of books I loved in those genres, scroll down below. Except for being published here, my original review thoughts will also be published on my personal Goodreads account.  Amazon if requested! More links can be found below.
  • I accept most book formats, whether printed or e-copy (MOBI, EPUB), and it can be ARCs/Galleys as well as already published books. Specifics can be found below. Once received, I will do my best to have it read and reviewed as soon as possible (usually in the month it is published.) I do not guarantee to review a book within a specific time-frame, unless discussed beforehand.
  • I cannot guarantee that I will be able to finish your book when accepting it. However, when this happens, I will contact the author or publisher. A review will not be posted, since I will then be missing a larger part of the book and cannot give an honest opinion on it as a whole. I can however let the author or publisher know why I never got through it.
  • I also love to feature authors with guest posts, interviews or hosting giveaways! I have two special author features here as well, called Where You Write and Shelf Confessions, which I’m happy to feature an author that falls within the genres I read and if the author’s book looks like something I and/or my readers would enjoy. At this time I am not accepting any self-published authors for features unless I’ve had prior dealings or I seek them out myself. I do not accept all requests. Usually I prefer to have read the book before agreeing to feature an author. If you are still interested in being featured in any way here on My Shelf Confessions, please contact me for more information! april at myshelfconfessions dot com


April’s Review Policy

I’m currently not accepting any indie or self-pubbed books for review, sorry! 

I can generally tell what I will and won’t like right off the bat, so if I decline your book or offer please don’t take it personal. I really hate giving bad reviews.

Favorite genres:

  • Mystery/Thriller/Suspense/Cyber-Thrillers/Futuristic Suspense, Thrillers
  • Young Adult
  • Dystopian
  • Paranormal Fiction
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction that takes place in the 1880′s-90′s (Victorian era), esp mysteries
  • Gothic and/or Ghost Stories (again love the Victorian era) ex. Ghost Writer by John Harwood or The Inconvenient Wife by Megan Chance
  • Fiction Books about Books ex. The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
  • Ficton Books Written in a Diary Style [and sometimes non-fiction if it looks good!] ex. The Black Book: Diary of a Teenage Stud series, The Diary of Anne Frank
  • Fictions books that have a school/boarding school setting, and/or deal with secret societies or clubs

Posts reviews to: Goodreads [I post my original thoughts right after reading] | Amazon [if asked] In addition to this also shares to: Twitter | Facebook [and my personal Facebook page]

Accepted formats: E-books (EPUB, MOBI), direct to Kindle, or physical copies, MOBI is preferred 

Want to contact me? april at



Any books sent to us are to be considered gifts and should not be considered as income for any purposes and will not be returned unless expressly stated by the giver. Print books may be given away as prizes on this site unless expressly stated otherwise by the publisher.

We are not responsible for the opinions or content used and expressed in any guest posts. If you see any copyright violations here, please contact April.