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Founder & Co-Blogger: April

profile picApril is a 30-something year old American bookworm who started book blogging when she found herself missing school and had unexpected free time to fill. Her first foray into the book blogging world actually happened in 2006 during a school break but never got off the ground once school re-started. The second attempt has been much more successful and she was lucky enough to convince her friend Jennifer from The Bawdy Book Blog now known as BookShelfery to start a blog as well. Jenn in turn, pushed her to get hers up and running when she started to procrastinate! They discovered the huge community together and have been blogging ever since.

She likes connecting with other book bloggers! Besides reading and chatting, she also enjoys weird TV-series that no one understands but her [so they say, Adult Swim anyone?], bopping her head to music in her head, a severe addiction to her iPad and  polishing her #FAIL crown. Oh, and a severe addiction to fanfiction (Queer as Folk and Teen Wolf) and I’m always looking for great recs to read!

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 Former Contributor: Kat

Kat's profile

Kat is a former co-blogger of My Shelf Confessions and you can see her posts by going through the archives. If you’d like to check out her recent stuff, go to her book blog The Aussie Zombie.

Kat is a thirty-something Aussie, who transported to the Netherlands a few years back and has yet to find her way home.  When she’s not devouring zombie and horror novels, she dips her toes into contemporary and historical fiction, and will attempt to read almost anything.

She started blogging one rainy weekend thinking it would be something to do for the winters months and was surprised to find that nearly three years later that a casual hobby had become something of an obsession.

When she’s not blogging or reading, she enjoys travelling and gaming and is currently working on her goal to finish every Lego video game ever released.

Queen of procrastination, lover of salt-and-vinegar crisps and mint-flavoured chocolate, her shoe-buying habit is the only thing that rivals her book collecting obsession.

You can also connect with Kat on Goodreads | Twitter  | The Aussie Zombie