Lost In the World of FanFiction

I feel so guilty lately. I feel like I’ve abandoned this blog and all that I (and my previous co-bloggers) have worked hard for. It all started around December. My voracious appetite for reading began to slowly wane until January when the cravings stopped completely. I figured it was a simple slump and I’d do what had always worked before – I’d watch Netflix until the cravings began again.

Looking back I can see exactly where I went wrong (or right depending on your view) – I decided to finally watch Queer as Folk (US version) which has been on my queue forever. I. BECAME. OBSESSED. It doesn’t help that the damn show has a cliffhanger. I was so caught up in it that after watching it a gazillion times in a row that I decided to search for that thing called “fanfiction” I’d heard about on tumblr and a little bit through the blogging community.

I’ll be honest: I thought fanfiction was not cool. It meant obsession way beyond healthiness and there probably weren’t even very good authors writing the stories. I wasn’t keen to dip my toe in the waters, but I was so desperate for a QaF fix that I began a search. I googled and the first site I found was FanFiction.net. Now I’m currently guzzling up stories on ArchiveOfOurOwn.com.

Guys, it’s Shelf Confessions time. I’ve been reading QaF fanfiction solely for a couple months now and I can’t seem to bring myself to pick up a novel. Although, I have read a few fanfic’s that have been novel length. And I have found that there are actually decent writers writing these stories.

I just can’t stop myself. I honestly don’t know what to do. I keep waiting for this obsession to lessen and for me to get interested in a novel or something else, but so far it hasn’t happened.

And the blog suffers because I feel really geeky writing about fanfiction on a book blog. I mean seriously, I’m not going to review stories that people are writing purely for enjoyment and not profit. It doesn’t seem right somehow. I have considered sharing some of my favorite stories with you guys and telling you why I love them, but I’m not sure if anyone would even be interested. It wouldn’t be a critique or review, it’d just be me showing some love to the stories I think deserve a wider audience.

I just wanted you all to know that I’m still here. I haven’t forgotten about the blog, I’m just trying to figure out how to work my new obsessions into my blog life.

So, now that I admit to being a member of the fanfiction fandom – who else is? What fandom are you part of? So far I’m just reading Queer as Folk stories but I’ve seen a TON of Harry Potter stuff (that frankly looks kind of scary… Harry and Snape pairings freak me out a little and not because of the m/m aspect.)

Please tell me I’m not alone! And does anyone have any ideas on what they’d like me to post about my new obsession, that you’d enjoy reading about?


19 thoughts on “Lost In the World of FanFiction

  1. I find it really insulting when people talk about fanfiction like it’s a shameful secret. Yes, there are badly written fanfiction stories, but there are also badly written books. And it’s like when people believe young adult books are for immature readers. There’s nothing wrong with having a passion for something..


    • I admit I was definitely “one of those people” who had a negative impression about it, but now that I’ve explored even a small chunk of it, I really appreciate it a lot! It’s very impressive and I agree, it shouldn’t be something that’s kept in the closet. πŸ™‚


  2. I’ve always found the concept of fan fiction to be fascinating, but the few fan fictions I’ve come across (I admit I’ve looked up some Death Note ones..) weren’t interesting enough for me to keep reading them. It would be very interesting to see what fan fictions you enjoy! Like Farah, I don’t think there is anything wrong with it (:


    • What are Death Note fanfics? So far I’ve only read fanfics based around the US version of the TV show Queer as Folk – although I did venture into one crossover that was Queer as Folk and another werewolf one.. I forget, it had a Derek/Stiles relationship interest in it (if that rings a bell).

      I think I might share a post about some of the really good stories I’ve come across.. and perhaps even a basic terminology post that I’ve learned while exploring this new area. πŸ˜€ Thanks for the support!


      • A post on terminology and resources would be fabulous! I had no idea what I was looking at half the time.

        Yeah, Death Note has quite some fan fics. I think most manga/anime shows do (: Hmmm, is that other TV show Teen Wolf? I haven’t seen either, but I heard a lot about them


      • You’re right, it probably is Teen Wolf now that I think about it. You should definitely watch Queer as Folk, it’s addicting and the main relationship is awesome. πŸ™‚ They’re definitely my OTP (one true pairing, hehe) and I’m not usually one who gets into romance relationship stuff.. but Brian, he’s not into romance either and both of them just grow on you.. they’re so cute together πŸ˜€

        Ooh, so Death Note is a manga/anime show, gotcha. I’ve only watched a few anime episodes that friends have recommended, can’t even remember their names now.. Cowboy Bebop? Does that sound familiar? Or Space Cowboy maybe? And then there was one other one.


  3. I think you should share more about fanfiction on your blog. Blog about what makes you happy. Sometimes adding a new topic or switchign things up can really help.
    I haven’t read any fanfiction myself and not sure if I ever will, but I don’t see anything wrong with it. I think it’s great that people can write their own stories based on an already existing world. I know my boyfriend once read a D&D harry potter crossover fanfiction that was well written he said, I think it’s great there is a platform for those kind of stories.


  4. Thanks for the support, it’s much appreciated. I never thought I’d ever venture into fanfiction either, but once I did, I’m glad that I have. There’s a real depth to a lot of the stories that I never imagined, and sometimes it’s just interesting to see other perspectives on a mutual shared interest. I’m definitely going to consider sharing more, and hopefully that’ll help spur me on to get back into the swing of things. πŸ™‚


  5. As for your “feeling geeky” writing about fanfiction on your blog, I highly recommend “fic” by Anne Jamison, it’s a book published in 2013 all about fanfic studies. And I probably sound like a broken record recommending this book to everyone I know, but it is such a smart book, and it might help you create a more formal discussion of fic if that’s something you’d want to look into. πŸ™‚


  6. Ohhhhh, I read fanfiction too (and am a fan of Queer as Folk!!). I have read Harry Potter, QaF (OF COURSE), Arthur (and Merlin), Naruto, One Direction (I’m not a fan, wouldn’t even know their names without those fics, but some of the stories are really good), Supernaturals fics (and even some about hokey players πŸ˜‰ – just to name some of the biggest fandoms, so yeah, I’ve seen some things… haha… no regrets though.

    And btw, you should totally share a list of your favorites (I’m thinking about doing the same on my blog)


    • *highfive* nice to meet a fellow QaF fanfiction reader! It amazes me how many fanfiction stories there are that have a crossover with One Direction, lolol, I haven’t read any of those but now I’m curious! It blows my mind how risque the Harry Potter fanfiction seems – compared to QaF, since you’d *think* that QaF would be a whole lot more considering what was on the show!

      And yay, you’ve convinced me! You should share some of your favs on your blog, because I’m always looking for more great QaF, especially post 513. πŸ˜€


  7. My friend and I read Mansfield Park (by Jane Austen) and the ending sucks. Actually the whole book kind of sucks. My friend loooves fan fiction so she found us a couple alternate endings to make things better again.


  8. I haven’t read any fan fiction but I’ve defiantly re-written more than a few books/endings in my head. lol

    I can never turn away from a QaF marathon. I get totally sucked in. I never did see the last show though.


  9. I loove reading fanfiction. I read mostly novels now but I used to read a lot of it. It really depends on my mood. I used to write fanfiction too. I wrote in the past for Penny/Sheldon from TBBT and now I like to read Once Upon a Time and Game of Thrones fic.
    I think you should definitely post your recommendations, especially if you’re invested in them. There could always be someone new to the fandom who would appreciate them. I know I really like when I find fic recs, because then I save a lot of time in choosing which ones to read. πŸ˜‰


  10. There are pretty good stories there too. My fave were from the SinsterSindarSisters for The Twisted Web of Fate” (set years before LOTR story) too bad they no longer updated it and from Ginger-Ninja for “Plant Life” in the Star Trek (JJ Abrams version) but I think the author lost a lot of stories. Hope you’ll find more good ones. πŸ˜€


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