A Big Thank You!

I want to give a huge Thank You to Kat for co-blogging with me, it was so much fun and it was a pleasure having you on MSC. Kat’s returning to her blog The Aussie Zombie and I wish her the best! We parted in the best of ways and I hope that we still collaborate on events here and there in the future.

I also want to give a big Thank You to our readers/subscribers. You guys are all awesome and I appreciate you sticking by as I’ve gone through this blog slump. I have a post coming up that explains some of that and hopefully something you can help me on!

I promise that I’m not closing the blog, I’m still here and I hope to get my mojo back ASAP! In the meantime, I will try to post more in general. I’m thinking of sprucing up the blog with a makeover to help motivate me.


4 thoughts on “A Big Thank You!

    • I agree, I know that’s helped me before – although this is the first time I’ve been in THIS big/long of a slump. I also have some extra motivation in that I got an email from Google saying that my blog isn’t good for smartphones and mobile devices, that I need a responsive theme (which I thought this one was, argh) and that they’re going to be ranking me as such in the mobile searches as not being good or something like that.. bleh.

      I’ve got a post coming up tomorrow that explains some of my slump 😀 I am actually proud that I got the gumption to post this one and tomorrow’s post and hopefully that spurs me on to write more and be more active. I really do miss blogging and the blogosphere!


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